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The Belmont Bar Vancouver

The Belmont Bar, located in the heart of Vancouver’s entertainment district, is an upscale bar featuring a dance floor where you and your friends can party the night away, whenever you’re attending. The Belmont features a wide selection of craft beers, wine, a selection of classic cocktails, a unique menu, and nightly live performances featuring top DJs, both resident and celebrity ones. With an industrial feel, warm décor and copper finishes, this venue is welcoming to all. It doesn’t matter the type of mood you’re looking for: whether guests arrive post work or upon leaving a conference for an afterhours feel, or simply want a night out on the town, The Belmont Bar caters to every occasion.

The Belmont offers an exceptional menu at a great value every night until midnight. Also, the venue often plays host to live showcases, from burlesque and dance performances to live entertainers, charitable fundraisers and corporate special events. Once the moon comes out and the street is bustling, The Belmont turns into the ultimate after dinner party spot with local talented DJs on the tables, live music on the stage, and impeccable service all around.

With a myriad of new flavours, from its delicious food made from fresh and local fare, craft beers and cocktails, to the spunky ambiance. During nighttime, this is the perfect spot for you to unwind after a long workday or enjoy a special holiday event such as New Year’s Eve. Open at 5p from Wednesday through Sunday, you won’t find a better spot to have a great evening!

Located in the spot where the Hotel Belmont stood in the 1930s, this is a bar bringing some of the old class to the city, with an architecture combining industrial elements with copper finishes, plus plenty of comfortable seating, a horseshoe-shaped bar and a private VIP area for those looking for the most upscale experience available.

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Événements à venir @ The Belmont Bar

Tickets Starting From5.00

The Belmont Bar presents:MoodThursday, April 6th 20179PM$5 in advance, minimum $7 donation at the door+19 for entry [plus]

Tickets Starting From5.00
Tickets Starting From5.00